12 Crazy but Cool Things You Can See in Iceland

Also known as the land of fire and ice, Iceland has been shaped and crafted by volcanoes and glaciers. This different combination has made it a great landscape in the outer world. Iceland has become such a hot travel destination among tourists all over the world. Because it is just so different from anywhere else. So it’s about to plan a trip to Iceland, here we have discussed some of the craziest yet cool things that you can expect to explore here.

  • You cannot find white sand on any of its while beaches because there is always a thick layer of fine volcanic ash. You can either find a thick layer of strings. Which is not recommended for you to swim at any of them because the currents are extremely dangerous.
  • Latency geysers only in a few places in the world you may have also heard about the most famous ones in Yellowstone national park in the US or the valley of geysers in Russia. Iceland has its famous geyser field which gives a different nation in the whole world. The most popular geysers are no longer active because volcanic eruptions happen consistently every 5 to 8 minutes. 
  • Iceland is also known for its beautiful waterfalls that are surrounded by basalt columns. You can see waterfalls flowing out of the lava fields. These waterfalls are more powerful than any others in the whole of Europe you can always walk behind. 

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  • Most famous waterfalls along this Iceland South shore ranks. Amongst the thinnest and thin streaming of water flowing years around as the visitors. Do not mind getting a wet walk under the cliff overhang and then hang out behind the waterfalls. 
  • If you are looking out for a glacier hike in Iceland, just make sure that you are aware of hiking above a volcano. Yes, this may sound strange to you but this is true. Katla is among the most notorious Iceland volcanoes which are still overdue for an eruption.
  • Iceland is geothermally active because its sits directly at the top of the mid-Atlantic ridge. The Eurasian Plate and the North American plate that separates beneath. The Island are slowly pulling the country apart from each other. Iceland is among the only two places in the entire world where you can get to see two tectonic plates meet. 
  • The majority of Icelandic people believe that fantastical beings such as roles and else still exist. There are many interesting stories and legendaries about the hidden people. That go so far as to suspend construction projects as it is believed that the plants may get interfered with or get in danger due to the current elf habitats. The large fallen rocks in fields or out at sea are usually seen as the frozen trolls as a small present in Iceland is from the smell of troll’s dirty bathwater!
  • All over Iceland, you can find various tubes and caves. That were formed during the period when the ancient lava flows. You should try not to explore these sports on your own as they are dark, slippery, and quite dangerous to explore on the salty tour. But if you want to have the chance to visit with the guide, you should visit. 
  • During the winter months, you can go for cakes made of ice. This isn’t something you should explore on your phone as the eyes can be even more dangerous than water and glaciers as it always keeps on shifting. You can visit the place with a handful of tour operators that offer tours to the biggest and best ice caves almost every single season. So that you can take advantage if you are visiting at the right time of the year.
  • Iceland has a lot of natural hot pools all over the country that are marketed as tourist destinations. While others are as per factory natural and usually just stumbled Upon or an ugly found by people who know the situation locally.
  • You can also enjoy the Icelandic process in a lot of unique ways. Prosenjit you should know is that they have a couple of extra gaits because it is due to their small stature and furry coats.
  • You can also enjoy the northern lights and midnight Sun because Iceland is located very close to the Arctic circle and the country gets to experience long winter nights and long summer days with almost one day of darkness in December and nearly 24 hours of daylight in June.

Iceland has a lot to offer to you if you are about to plan a visit to it. So make sure you make a checklist of these 12 crazy yet cool things you can get to see in Iceland if you explore!

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