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If you are planning to modernize your old and boring place, make sure to get the best type of flooring. After all, it is the foundation of your house. You have to choose flooring that is both durable and has an aesthetic appeal, and what can be better than floor tiles? Among all the tiles available in the market, ceramic and vitrified tiles are the best types of floor tiles that you can infuse into your space. You can check out both these tile types in a nearby tile dealer in Dehradun. However, continue reading to learn more about them and which one is better. 

What are Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic tiles are thin and flat tiles that are made using a mixture of clay, talc, and sand. These tiles have a realistic and earthy appeal, and also often have a rough texture. They have multiple applications thanks to their wide variety of designs, colors, and finishes. You can check out hundreds of different designs and patterns of ceramic tiles when you visit a nearby tile showroom. 

What are Vitrified Tiles? 

Vitrified tiles are made with a similar mixture of clay, talc, and sand that is used to make traditional ceramic tiles. However, this mixture also contains silica which makes the vitrified tiles less porous. They are available in different types that you can explore to find the right kind for your floors. Just look for a “tile dealer near me” and check out the amazing options for tiles. 

Vitrified vs. Ceramic Floor Tiles

Durability and Maintenance 

Ceramic tiles require low maintenance, and that’s why they are a perfect flooring option for heavy footfall zones like kitchens and bathrooms. On top of that, you can easily clean these tiles with soap and warm water and remove dirt accumulated on the tile surfaces. 

Vitrified tiles are highly durable and pocket-friendly, making them an ideal floor tile option for residential and commercial spaces. In addition to that, these tiles have low porosity, so you do not have to worry about them getting stains or issues like water logging. These tiles also have the property to retain their original colour for a long time. It lets your space have the same – modern and sleek look for several years. 

So, if you are caught up in deciding which one is better, opt for the latter one. You can just google “tile dealer in Dehradun” and reach out to the nearest tile store to check out premium-quality vitrified tiles. 

Finishes and Areas 

Whether you should opt for ceramic or vitrified floor tiles, depends on the area where you want to lay them. Both ceramic and vitrified tiles have multiple applications because of their high durability, and availability of various tile colors, finishes, and designs in any good tile showroom in your city. 

For example, you can use glazed ceramic tiles not just for your flooring but also on walls, kitchen backsplashes, and countertops. Also, you can create a decorative floor concept for your home interior by combining patterned ceramic tiles and solid-coloured tiles. 

On the other hand, vitrified tiles are mainly a great choice for flooring. They are available in larger sizes and are easy to install on floors. Also, you can find vitrified tiles that mimic the beautiful appearance of marble and natural stones. They are perfect to add a sophisticated touch to any space without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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Composition and Texture

There is not much difference between the compositions of ceramic and vitrified tiles. Ceramic tiles are manufactured by baking a mixture of clay and water at a high temperature. The glaze formed on their surfaces offers a shiny and earthy feel, allowing them to offer a touch of luxury. 

On the other hand, vitrified tiles are manufactured with a mixture of other solvents and minerals, including silica. When they are baked at a high temperature, they develop a glossy substrate that offers a smooth texture. 


Porosity refers to the number of minute holes on the surface that let liquids seep through. Materials with high porosity are not good for flooring, especially in wet areas. 

Ceramic tiles have slightly higher porosity compared to vitrified tiles. So, vitrified tiles are better for wet area flooring like kitchens and bathrooms. You can still talk with a trusted tile dealer in Dehradun.

Which one is better for your home: Ceramic or Vitrified Tiles? 

The best way to install tiles at home is by combining both the tile types depending on your place and the look you want. However, when it comes to flooring, vitrified tiles work well. They can add a little more character and colour to your space. Ceramic tiles can be used to balance out the artificial appearance of vitrified tiles. Nevertheless, there is no particular rule – select according to your preferences and the look you want to create in your dream house. Also, you can reach out to a nearby tile dealer in Dehradun and talk. 


Ceramic and vitrified tiles can both play a significant role in creating your dream house. With this ceramic vs. vitrified tiles blog, you are one step ahead to get the right kind of floor tiles. You can now reach out to a trusted tile showroom – Orientbell Tiles Boutique in Dehradun and get the most amazing floor tiles today! 


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