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Earn Money With Instagram; How can you?

Earn Money With Instagram; How can you? Make money with Instagram; that is the dream of many millennials and Gen X young adults. People often only think about becoming an influencer, but that is certainly not the only way to earn some nice extra money. You can also work with affiliate links and set up your own webshop. In this blog, we go through the different options and answer the question of how many followers on Instagram you get money for.

Is it difficult to make money with Instagram?

Whether making money with Instagram is difficult depends on the niche and the method you choose. If you choose a saturated niche, where there are already thousands of Instagram accounts active that are fishing for the same target group, it is more difficult to make money. Therefore, always do your research well in advance and, where possible, choose a sub-niche that you know a lot about.

You will certainly have to invest time and effort in all the revenue models below. Your followers don’t just organically grow into the tens of thousands. You will fail several times, experience setbacks, and want to give up. But real go-getters will be richly rewarded!

Different ways to make money with Instagram

Take a look at the 5 ways below to make money with Instagram and investigate which way best suits your needs, time, and budget. For example, starting your own website costs more than working with affiliate links. Also, look at what you think you will enjoy most. If you choose a new revenue model, you should not get tired of it after six months.

Collaborate with brands as an influencer

The most well-known way to make money with Instagram is by taking the influencer route. By building your own fan base on Instagram and sharing quality and inspiring content, brands want to work with you. You create content in collaboration with the brand and post it on your own social media page. 

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Not only Instagram accounts with many followers can get paid for collaboration. Nowadays, companies also often address micro-influencers, because this group is known for the close-knit group of their followers. So you certainly don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money with Instagram.

As an influencer, you can get paid in two ways:

  • A barter deal: you receive one (or more) products in exchange for the collaboration.
  • An exact amount of money: you receive 1 fixed amount for the collaboration

Every company works differently and has a specific way of paying out. See what you like best, but be realistic. Maybe in the beginning you are mainly offered barter deals because you still have a small audience, and only later can you actually ask for money.

Pay attention to which company you collaborate with and how often you post a collaboration post as an influencer. Of course, it makes more sense that a fitness coach is more likely to work with a company that sells prep meals than with a jewelry line. Make sure you continue to appear credible. Even if you only post collaborative posts, this can be annoying for followers. 

Affiliate marketing

Another way to make money through Instagram is by using affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you focus more on actually selling another company’s products or services, and less on increasing their brand awareness.

This usually happens via an affiliate code or special link that you receive from the company. You cannot use this link in a post, but you can put it in your bio if you have more than a thousand followers. Does a follower (or someone who visits your profile) buy a product via this link or code? Then you will receive a certain percentage on the purchase. 

Earn Money With Instagram; How can you? To do affiliate marketing via Instagram you do not have to have an account with a face. There are also plenty of accounts that make money with affiliate marketing without showing their faces. This way you can show products with your hands, without showing your face. Or explain certain services through an animation. Creating informative and quality content is paramount here. 

Open your own website

You can also choose to open your own webshop so that you do not have to promote the products or services of others. Choose a niche that appeals to you and about which you know (or want to learn) a lot of information and get started with informative content that appeals to the target group of this niche. 

By offering high-quality products and sharing interesting content (that goes beyond just commercials), you will quickly ensure that your company and webshop grow. You can also choose to enter into collaborations and send your products to micro-influencers, who share them with your target group. 

A good example of this is Loki the Wolfdog, one of the largest entrepreneurs in the dog niche.

Sell ​​products via Instagram shop

This revenue model for Instagram is comparable to the previous one; Instagram also has its own online shop where you can sell products. This way, customers are not referred to your webshop via a link, but they buy the products within the Instagram app itself.

Earn Money With Instagram; How can you? To open an Instagram shop, you must first have an Instagram business account and create a Facebook catalog. You then link your Facebook catalog to your business account and you can submit a request for a shop account. This is then checked by Instagram itself. After approval, you can get started with your Instagram shop!

However, an Instagram shop also has some disadvantages compared to your own webshop:

  • It’s harder to build an email list
  • You are always dependent on your Facebook catalog
  • You have fewer functions in the Instagram shop 
  • You could do worse with SEO optimization

Get started as a social media manager

Earn Money With Instagram; How can you? Social media managers are increasingly taking over the Instagram pages of companies. While as a content creator, you only create the content of Instagram pages, as a social media manager you manage the entire page. From coming up with content to posting and coming up with a good caption. You only leave the taking of photos and videos in the hands of the company. Our company also provides to Buy Facebook Likes Malaysia with us.

Companies choose a social media manager when:

  • They don’t have time to invest in Instagram
  • They know too little about the platform
  • They are not aware of the latest trends
  • They have no ideas for new content

As a social media manager, you can work anywhere and you do not need an x ​​number of followers yourself. All you need is a laptop with a camera (for the many Zoom meetings with customers) and enough knowledge about Instagram. 


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