Online Assessment E-Learning Tools & Their Merits

The constant development in technology has made us see a different side of the education sector which wasn’t much prevalent before the pandemic. But in 2020, various e-learning platforms have emerged and changed the face of classroom learning. Online classes have turned around the relationship between teacher and student. Now, it is carried away with the help of various options of online assessment e-learning tools and modules

The assessment tools are widely adopted by many educational institutes for making digital learning more effective. In this post, we have curated a list of components of an e-learning assessment tool to help you understand its benefits. 

What is an Assessment Tool?

An online assessment tool is an application or software that evaluates the student’s performance to determine his potential based on the various tests. An online assessment method analyzes a candidate’s performance, aptitude, cognitive knowledge, and other skills. Online assessment tools are not only confined to the education sector. Some evaluation tools are also used for the recruitment process. 

When distance is inevitable, an automated digital platform is the only way to interact with the learners and comprehend their knowledge growth. It is possible through interactive evaluation methods like quizzes, game-based tests, polls, case studies, fun activities, etc. 

Prominent Benefits of Online Assessment Tools & Technologies

Following is a thorough overview of how an e-learning assessment platform can ease the complete communication cycle between an educator and a vast group of learners:

1. Generate Quick Results

In the offline mode, a student waits for days to get the final result as the teacher manually checks each test and does the marking. But amid an online examination, a candidate receives the result without delay. It is practically possible because of online assessment e-learning tools and modules. An assessment tool can access the student’s skills and learning ability easily. 

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The evaluation helps both tutors and scholars improve their teaching and learning skills. Early assessment saves time and directs immediate action on the student’s performance. 

2. Cut Down Manual Efforts

Conducting an examination is not easy, it involves a lot of administrative work. For example, a mentor has to prepare a question paper and assign classrooms, bench numbers & invigilators for the exam hall. Later, they have to examine the answer sheets and display the results. As opposed to this monotonous process, using an online assessment e-learning tool can reduce the hefty tasks. A teacher can digitally create a bank of questions on the platform and allow the link and login credentials to students. 

In this way, a mentor can use the saved time for learning new teaching techniques and enhancing a candidate’s knowledge. 

3. Custom-made Test Modules

There can be different grounds for evaluating a student’s performance. But the traditional mode of examination only follows the same pattern, which can either be subjective or objective. With the help of online assessment e-learning tools and modules, a teacher has an opportunity to create their own test. This way, they can bring creativity and diversity to regular exam patterns based on subjects and students’ skills. 

4. Everywhere Available

An assessment tool is not limited to a few locations. Instead, it is available everywhere. Mentors can teach from anywhere, and candidates can learn from anywhere. Similarly, you can conduct assessment tests from anywhere. Moreover, these tools have diverse languages to assist users from different regions. If a question paper is written in one language, it can easily be translated into another according to the student’s convenience. 

5. Make Use Of Proctoring Technology

One of the primary features of the assessment tools is the use of Proctoring Technology. This technology ensures the authenticity of the conducted test. This technology helps the teachers to monitor the candidate’s activity during the exam. An applicant is observed via webcam, microphone, and access to his screen. The credibility of a test is maintained through this component of online assessment e-learning tools and modules


The importance of assessment in online learning is unparalleled because it creates an earnest environment for both teacher and student. Many people have shifted to online platforms for continuing education and courses. It has created the need for accurate assessment tools to examine students in various facets. The investment in an intuitive assessment tool is never wasted. It saves your time and produces excellent results. So, it is vital to choose the right online assessment tool that assists you in building a learning environment between you and your students. One of the best online assessment e-learning tools and modules is Edqour.

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