Avoiding Ryan Air Name Change Fee: Tips & Tricks

We all know the importance of our identity when it comes to air travel. But what happens when you find a misspelled name or typo error on your flight ticket? Nothing to worry about, as you are on the convenient side with Ryanair. The flexible approach of the Ryanair name change policy lets you change or correct any mistake on your ticket with ease. Passengers don’t have to worry about the expensive name change fee as they can make free modifications within 48 hours of buying any ticket via the airline’s website. Also, you can make minor name alterations of about three characters without paying the Ryan Air name change fee. Let’s understand the name change policy and fee for a smooth travel experience. 

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Rules for Ryanair Name Change on Flight Ticket 

Ryanair understands that the travel plans can sometimes need modifications. They choose flexibility regarding passengers’ information. The Ryanair name change policy provides passengers with the essential steps to confirm their travel information is precise and up to date. Below are the key points to remember when initiating a name change. 

  • Passengers can request a name change to the flight ticket via the official website. 
  • You must request a name change at least 48 hours before the flight departure. It might require valid documentation to support the name change request. 
  • Name correction over three letters, full name change, and name change after the 48-hour grace period are subject to the Ryan Air name change fee
  • Name change because of marriage or divorce must be supported by legal documentation. 
  • The airline allows flight booking without a second name, middle name, or double-barreled surname. Also, a single character mistake in the middle, second, or double-barreled last name does not need correction.

Ryanair Name Change Request Types 

Ryanair understands the mistakes that passengers accidentally make and provides a name change policy to accommodate different kinds of name change requests. Explore the situations in which you might have to request a name change. It’s important to remember that name change might be subject to Ryan Air name change fees.

Misspelled Names 

The most common reason for name change is a misspelled name on the flight ticket. Misspellings can occur because of typo errors while booking or differences between the name of the passenger specified and the legal document. You must contact Ryanair customer service to rectify the mistake and follow the instructions.

Name Change Due to Marriage 

Another situation that might need a name change is due to an official change. This can happen because of divorce, marriage, adoption, or legal procedures. The name on your flight ticket must match the traveler’s identification to comply with Ryanair’s regulations. Travelers undergoing a legal name change must submit valid documentation. It includes court orders or marriage certificates.

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Name Changes for Infants 

While traveling with an infant, travelers might have to initiate a name change for the kid’s flight ticket. You can do this only if you have provided the infant’s name during booking. Also, it can happen if there are mistakes in the name. Providing important documentation, like the infant’s birth certificate, is crucial.

How Much is the Ryan Air Name Change Fee?

EventOnline Name ChangeName Change Via Travel Agent
Ryanair Name Change Cost€/£115€/£160

Travelers are responsible for paying each ticket’s non-refundable name change or correction fee. The name modification differs with the window time of the name change request placed. Like, 

  • Name Change within 48 hours: According to the Ryanair name change policy, travelers who have booked a flight ticket on the airline’s official website have a 48-hour risk-free period from the date of purchase to alter minor errors. In this situation, the airline won’t charge any fee.
  • Name Change outside 48 hours: Passengers can correct a name up to two hours before the flight departure. You can alter the name spelling of about three letters via the official website and are subject to the Ryan Air name change fee of €/£115. However, if you select to contact the airline’s customer service to request the change, the fee will be €/£160.

Tricks to Avoid Ryan Air Name Change Fee

If your name on the Ryanair flight ticket appears misspelled or incorrect, you should correct it instantly to avoid the boarding denial. Following are some tricks to save on the name change fee. 

  • Double-check the ticket information, particularly your name, before booking it. 
  • Ensure to make modifications within the 48-hour risk-free period for flight tickets bought via the airline’s official website. 
  • Ignore single-character errors to the second, middle, or double-barreled last name, as they do not need the correction.
  • Remember you don’t have to pay the name change fee for changing to a married or maiden name supported by valid documents, correcting three letters of each name 48 hours before departure, and changing first or last name within 48 hours of the booking.

Final Thought 

Ryanair name change policy lets travelers change their name on their flight ticket. The name change policy works through specific guidelines. So, it’s essential to understand these guidelines for a hassle-free travel experience. The above will help with the guidelines, Ryan Air name change fee, and more. But, if you still need more information on the name change guideline or fee, dial the Ryanair customer service phone number +35312555212 or visit the website. Furthermore, you can call +1-800-865-1848, a third party, to get instant solutions for your doubts and complete the process hassle-free.


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