Top 5 Latest Bollywood Movies Loved by Audiences

Indian Bollywood Industry has always believed in experimenting with the genres that audience has always supported it in. Download Bollywood Movies that are trending in the charts and doing amazingly well on the box office collections. Here we have carefully curated a list of top 5 Latest Bollywood Movies Loved by Audiences in the year 2019 so far.

Gully Boy

  • This is definitely one of the most successful and top grossing Bollywood movies of the year 2019 that has entered use box office collections and also respectful critical acclaims. 
  • The movie had Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles apart from the other important characters portrayed in the film inspired from the real life of rappers. 
  • The movie was based on the real life incidents of street rappers of Mumbai and the struggles that the go through in their journey of passion that they carry. The movie bought huge fame for the whole team.
  • The best thing about the movie that can be observed after washing it is definitely the realism has been portrayed throughout the movie keeping in mind the intactness of characters by balancing the intensity of incidents that actually belong to the reality.

Article 15

  • This movie is based on the real life incidents of cases where the application of Article 15 is supposed to be applied. The movie featured Ayushman Khurana and many other talented actress who did perfect justice to all the characters that were to be portrayed throughout the film. 
  • The movie is a must watch especially those who love realistic cinematic experiences for the entertainment. It is crime thriller and element that works for the film is that it is a completely thought-provoking and hard hitting master please that brings the entire set of serious social issues into the light burning that can actually hit you hard. 
  • It can also be regarded as an eye opener about the casting political polarization that is still prevailing in countless parts of India.


  • The movie is based on the real-life riots of Sikh community as it is shown in the movie. 
  • The movie succeeded in gaining honest and heart-warming critical acclaim both from the audience and professional film critics as the overall performance was pitch perfect. 
  • However, the movie unfolds the greatest last stand was of all time. The movie is a must watch and a rousing patriotic film for sure. However, the movie is still a lot more than what it is actually portrayed about. 
  • Definitely the audience knows how the movie will end but it is interesting to witness the making of a masterpiece that can actually reflect the real incidents that took place after the riots. 
  • At the same time the movie has its own part of light moments that can give you a sense of relief from the intense battlefield sequences which forms the core of this movie. Latest Bollywood Movies 2019 is one category of movies that will surely include this one in it.

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Super 30

  • This movie was based on a real life incident of Anand provided free education to the underprivileged children and young aspirants who dreams of clearing IIT entrance exams. The movie portrayed the biography of Mr Anand Kumar. 
  • However, the movie succeeded in collections and critical appreciation with respect both from the audience and critics. It stands as a real human drama that praises a journey that goes against all the odds by filling the motivating journey as a fictional porters. 
  • The movie has its own addition of drama as without this element Indian audience would probably. Find it not much engaging on its path but that’s how Bollywood movies are made and perceived right ?

Kabir Singh

  • Well, this stands as one of the most controversial movies of the year 2019 as it gained a lot of buzz right after the release of its trailer. 
  • The movie featured Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani in the lead roles. The movie proved out to be super hit for the year 2019 as it was a major success on the box office. Download 2019 Bollywood movies from the trending websites from where you can download these movies for free on your own affordability.

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