What are the different types of video formats?

We all know that every device that we use like laptop, phone, tablets etc are not that much compatible that they can hold different file types. Some devices have their own preference of formats, whether they are video format, Audio format or any other kind of format. And there have been many changes in video file format since beginning till now. Every format is compatible with different functions and features. These formats work differently. If one format is right and correct for one system then, that might not be suitable for the other one. It’s not at all important that it should have become the right one for every device.

There is different specialization for different formats. Let’s learn about them. What are these video formats? So, basically video formats are the file format which are used to store the digital data on a computer system. Video formats contain containers for holding the loosed video data in video coding format accordingly. 

Video formats generally consists of two parts:

  1. “Codec” – it is used in compression and decompression of the video as, there are times when video files are too large and create difficulty when it comes to downloading them. Examples of codec are Xvid, FFMpeg, DivX etc.
  2. “Container” – it is a collection of files that stores the information about the digital file. It is the combination of both audio and video as well. And it allows you to play audio-with-video data simultaneously. Some of the examples of containers are MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.

Now, let’s learn how these video formats work and help users to Convert video and play them offline. Some of the popular video formats are AVI, MP4, AVI, 3GP, MOV etc. We all use these formats in Conversion of video. We convert YouTube video into MP4 formats, YouTube video into AVI formats, but what are these formats? Let’s learn about the top most popular formats that we generally use in our devices.

1. What is the MP4 format?

So, MP4 stands for Moving Pictures Expert Group4, an abbreviated term of MPEG-4. It was developed in 1998. It is most commonly used for sharing video files on the web. It uses separate compression for audio and video tracks in which audio is compressed with ACC compression and video with MPEG-4 or H.264 video. It generates comparatively smaller file sizes and with best video quality. It is the most popular video sharing format. MP4 is compatible with online as well as with web browser on Android. It is supported by new HTML5.

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2. What is an AVI format?

So, AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. It was developed by Microsoft and introduced for the first time in 1992. It is one of the oldest video formats. It is considered as the de facto standard for storing audio and video formats on phone. They are supported by different software like windows, Linux, etc. It is also supported by a web browser. These video formats are encoded with different codecs. Most common codecs used in these video formats are MPEG-4. These perform differently even if they look similar from outside.

3.What is FLV format?

FLV stands for Flash Video Format, encoded by Adobe Flash software. They can be played by several different third parties like web browser, Adobe flash player, etc. They are most commonly used video format online and almost supported by all applications like YouTube, browser and can play the video with super ease. It remains in high quality by consuming smaller file size. They can be easily converted into other video formats.

4. What is the MOV format?

MOV is Apple QuickTime Movie, developed by Apple Inc. These are often used on the web, for sharing video files and saving them. These are not only limited to Apple computers but also free versions of Apple QuickTime is available for Windows operating system as well. They give high video quality but are generally larger in size.

5. What is the WMV format?

WMV stands for Windows Media Video, developed by Microsoft. It was designed for web streaming applications. These files are the tiniest video file over the web, and file sizes keep decreasing after compression, resulting in poor video quality. It is the main application that allows you to play WMV on all Microsoft’s Windows. Some of them are available free for the Macintosh operating system. Only advantage of using this is that due to smaller size it allows you to share images via an e-mailed system.

These are some of the popular video formats often used online by a number of users depending upon their requirements. Only we can decide what’s better for us because choosing the wrong video format may lead your device to pay the cost.

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