What is Allegiant Name Change Fee, Rule, and Types

It’s a serious mistake if the passengers misspelled their names while purchasing a flight ticket. Allegiant Air understands that and lets passengers make name changes or corrections up to a few letters. However, you must change the name according to the name change policy. The Allegiant Air name change/correction policy includes the rules to change a name on the flight ticket. To understand the Allegiant Air name change/correction policy and Allegiant name change fee in detail, read through this blog. 

Allegiant Air Name Change v/s Name Correction: The Difference 

The name change request isn’t restricted to name correction on the flight booking. Travelers can modify prefixes, suffixes, middle names, and last names or make changes because of legal considerations. On the other hand, name correction refers to editing typo errors or adding the missing letters in the name. Go through the sections below to know more about Allegiant name change and correction. 

Allegiant Name Change Rules 

Visitors must consider some vital points before making the name change request. 

  • Reward Club members can’t make a name change on their flight tickets. The Allegiant name change policy won’t be applicable here. 
  • Allegiant Air doesn’t permit passengers to change the ownership of the flight ticket. 
  • After completing the name change request, travelers can’t send the ticket for re-issuance. You must pay the Allegiant name change fee and the fare difference, if any. 
  • You can request the name change on the flights operated by Allegiant Air. 
  • While processing the name change on their flight ticket, the most confined fare rule will apply in the case of several flight segments. 
  • In case of a legal name change, travelers may need to submit a valid document like a marriage certificate, divorce document, or court order. 

Allegiant Name Correction Rules  

Travelers must meet the following criteria to complete the name correction: 

  • You can initiate name correction for Allegiant Air flight segments only. 
  • To correct a name on the flight ticket, passengers can take advantage of the 24-hour grace period and cancel their booking. After canceling their booking, rebook the ticket with the correct name.  
  • In the middle of the trip, minor name corrections are possible. Only when a name on the flight ticket matches that on the passport or government-approved ID. 
  • The airlines allow only one reissue on each ticket. The additional name corrections will be covered under name change, resulting in the Allegiant name change fee with the fare difference. 

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Allegiant Name Change Request Types 

Let’s check out the types of name change/correction requests passengers can initiate with the airlines and the applicable fee. 

1 – Name Change on Allegiant Air Flight Ticket 

Travelers can change or edit four letters on a first, middle, or last name. You must complete the name change request through the Allegiant Airlines customer service telephone number. Also, you can request name changes/corrections through the website. You may have to pay the Allegiant name change fee and the applicable fare difference. 

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2 – Add/Modify/Remove the Middle Name 

Travelers can add and change a middle name on the flight booking on their passport or the government-approved ID. You may have to provide the identification document while making changes to your reservation. 

3 – Adding the Title/Prefix/Suffix to the Name 

According to Allegiant Air, the name change/correction policy allows travelers to add suffixes, prefixes, and titles to the ticketed name. The Allegiant name change fee with the fare difference will apply. The airline will issue the tickets in a higher or similar class of service. You can complete the name change/correction request by dialing the official phone number of Allegiant customer service.    

How Much Does it Cost to Request Allegiant Name Change?

The airline doesn’t charge a fee for name change/correction for minor mistakes in your first or last name. However, the major name changes that involve reissuing the flight ticket might incur a fee for tickets purchased without Trip Flex, along with the applicable fare difference, if any. However, passengers should make the name change/correction at least a week before departure. For tickets purchased with Trip Flex, zero Allegiant name change fee might apply since the airline allows you to change/correct such flight tickets within one hour of departure.   

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What is the Customer Service Number for Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Telephone Number is (702) 505-8888. You can contact the airline’s customer service to learn about the name change fee, policy, approaches, etc. Also, you can request customer service to change the name on your flight ticket. 

Final Words

Reading the above blog will give you a clear picture of the Allegiant name change fee, rules, and pre-conditions related to making the changes/corrections to a name on your flight ticket. However, if you still have queries, contact Allegiant Air customer service or visit the official website. If you can’t connect with customer service due to weekend rush or other technical glitches, dial +1-800-865-1848 for instant help. 

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