Why Should You Prefer WordPress for Web Development?

Creating a website is still an overwhelming idea for people from a non-technical background. But the continuous evolution of technology makes it possible to develop a site without technical knowledge of web design and development. There are many alternatives present for creating a website, but the one which is most used among developers is WordPress. Even with no technical knowledge, you can create a website on WordPress web development.

WordPress is the most popular CMS that enables you to host and build websites. Whether you want a blogging website, eCommerce site, business website, or portfolio site; WordPress is a suitable platform for creating an online platform. Over the years, WordPress has developed as an efficient website builder and a powerful content management system.

Well, most of the functions of WordPress can be easily used but there are a few features that need professional assistance. So, taking the help of a WordPress website development Company will make your website highly functional.

What is WordPress?

The market may be filled with many web development CMS platforms like Wix, Magento, Joomla, Shopify, etc. but WordPress has not lost its essence. Launched in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg, WordPress currently comprises 43.2% of all websites on the internet and 65.3% of all CMSs. This shows that WordPress is a growing platform that is here to stay for long and you can expect new updates coming.

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Website developers like WordPress more because it is simple and has flexible operations that help in creating websites easily. Many top brands like Sony, Time Magazine, Disney, Target, The New York Times, and many others use WordPress to power their websites with its robust features.

WordPress allows you to create, modify, and publish content online. It provides powerful tools to create a robust front-end and backend structure of a website. 

5 Reasons to prefer WordPress website development

The demand for WordPress among developers is evident, though the reason why the majority of them are using it is unknown. So, we have stated a few reasons below as to why you should choose WordPress:

  1. It is free to install

WordPress is free to download and install. The platform is easily downloadable and comes with some free themes or plugins. However, if you want to explore advanced options, you may have to pay for those features. 

If you are a beginner and don’t need many options, then is best for you. Although, if you want to control your website and take advantage of advanced features, then is a wise choice. Especially for a business that wants to grow, taking advanced WordPress web development services will be added benefit. 

It is wholly customizable

One of the top-most features of WordPress is that it is customizable. Most people using WordPress are not tech-savvy because it doesn’t require prior knowledge of designing. If you are someone with no prior technical experience, WordPress is a perfect solution as thousands of templates, themes, and plugins are available for every kind of website. 

The themes come with easily customized options that help you create outstanding websites. With the help of plugins, you can add custom functionality to your website and transform it into a completely new platform. 

  1. It is a secured platform

Running a business on a platform that is not safe may hamper the growth of your business. WordPress has been developed by keeping high security in mind to run a website safely. WordPress is protected from hackers, brute force attacks, malware, and other dangers to secure the life of a website. 

To know more about how you can protect your business, you should hire a WordPress web development company that holds a deep understanding of WordPress security. 

It is used for any type of project

WordPress is open for creating any kind of website on it. Many people believe that it is only a blogging platform, which is false. Blogging is one of the aspects of WordPress. But now, this CMS platform has drastically changed over the years. However, today it is used for growing a business, building virtual classrooms, creating forums, running social media platforms, operating eCommerce stores, and whatnot. 

  1. It is SEO-friendly 

SEO is the backbone of any business as it helps the website gain visitors. Surprisingly, WordPress supports a plethora of SEO plugins. You just need the right plugin to boost the visibility of your website. The most popular SEO plugins are Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Schema, WP Statistics, and more. These search engines improve the visibility and evaluate your content to get it indexed and moved up in the ranking. 

Although most of the functions in WordPress are simple but certain aspects need the supervision of a WordPress web development company.

Conclusion: WordPress gives you full control over your website, themes, templates, plugins, free tools, and much more. While you can utilize the benefits of this platform on your own, it is advisable to take expert supervision to ensure full compliance. Trank Technologies is the esteemed WordPress web development company offering web development services at affordable prices with full assistance. With years of experience, the company will help you maximize the performance of your business.

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