Best Forex Trading Broker in India

Indian traders are showing a keen interest in financial markets. They find these markets profitable and keep investing their funds. But, out of these, the Forex trading broker market has the most rush. 

Many traders invest in the hope of earning good returns. However, the currency market offers opportunities but is highly volatile at the same time. Thus, traders need to be careful while investing. 

For trader’s ease, several forex trading brokers in India offer their services. We’ll be analyzing the best forex trading broker in India. So, let’s dive in and explore. 

Best Forex Brokers of India 

The Indian trading market is flourishing and has several options for traders to invest in. However, we have the best forex trading broker in India, performing well since its inception. 

They hold a good market reputation and are highly reliable forex brokers in India. 

The list of brokers includes: 


PrimeFin is a trustworthy financial broker. A Malaysia-based service provider with headquarters at Labuan provides traders with various services. It operates under Caps Solutions Ltd., with proper registration and regulation. 

Traders can buy and sell assets quickly with PrimeFin. In addition, they have various tools, research tools, and trading platforms for support. Besides, it offers 40 currency pairs along with several other assets. 

The pros and cons of PrimeFin are: 


  • Regulated broker 
  • 300+ trading assets
  • User-friendly platform 
  • Educational support 
  • Customer services 
  • Segregated bank accounts 


  • MetaTrader5 not available


Investby is a leading financial broker in the forex market. Investby works under the brand name of TechFX LLC company. Brokers operate with the regulations of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. 

The brokerage firm has a license from the authorities of Belarus and Cyprus as well. Thus, a secure trading platform for clients. 

Moreover, traders can enjoy many facilities with the broker like customer support, technical analysis tools, research, and various accounts. 

Below we have the pros and cons of Investby for a quick overview: 


  • 350+ assets to trade
  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • Competitive spreads 
  • No extra or hidden cost
  • MetaTrader4 trading platform 
  • High trade execution speed


  • No MetaTrader5 


FBS is an international forex trading broker. Many experts in the market use the platform to invest globally. With more than 14 million traders, the broker offers its services in 190-plus countries. 

The broker keeps organizing seminars and events to enhance traders’ market knowledge. Also, several facilities support clients to invest in. It tries to fulfill the demands of various clients and help them with a smooth trading experience. 

Here, we have the pros and cons of the broker for better understanding: 


  • Regulated broker 
  • MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 available 
  • Works with various devices 
  • Mobile app
  • Allows trading of more than 50 currency pairs
  • Maximum leverage of 1:500


  • Slim product portfolio 
  • Few account base currencies

Pepperstone | Forex Trading Broker

Pepperstone is a brokerage firm of the company Pepperstone Group Limited. It is an Australian company and was founded in 2010. It is a popular financial broker with various advanced services for clients. 

The unique feature of Pepperstone is its seven regulatory bodies. Traders need not worry about their funds’ security as the broker has high regulations. These national regulators look after its operations and ensure proper conduct. 

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Below we have the pros and cons of Pepperstone. From which traders can consider before choosing the forex trading broker in India: 


  • Fast trading 
  • Digitally equipped platform 
  • Good customer services 
  • Free deposit and withdrawal
  • Easy-to-use trading facilities 


  • Generally, CFDs are available. 

FP Markets

FP markets stand for the First Prudential markets. It is an Australian company with headquarters in Sydney. The company came in 2015 and is a famous forex broker worldwide. 

The broker has regulated by the top-tier regulatory body, the ASIC. As a result, traders can trust the platform for safe trading. In addition, it has low trading fees and provides currency pairs, CFDs, and other products. 

Here we have the pros and cons of FP markets: 


  • Global market access
  • Multilingual customer support 
  • Mobile app
  • Various trading assets 
  • MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platform 
  • Advanced services and tools 
  • Copy trading


  • Imperfect research tools 


The financial market has several options for traders. But Indian traders can have the best of the market with the article. 

It offers the five best forex trading brokers in India. They can analyze each one and trade with the best. 

PrimeFin, Investby, FBS, Pepperstone, easymarkets, and FP markets are the five most popular forex brokers. They have different qualities but work to support forex traders with their features and services. 

Overall a quick brief of the best forex trading broker in India.

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